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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, only one that’s right for you. When conflict and negativity become an overwhelming presence in your relationship, it can leave you feeling angry, resentful and uncertain where to go next.

Are you or your partner…

  • Constantly having arguments over the tiniest things?
  • Find that you cannot remember the last real conversation you’ve had?
  • Long for improved intimacy in your relationship?
  • Feel that the issues between you have become insurmountable?
  • Find yourself lonely or isolated?
  • Dealing with infidelity?
  • Worry that it might be too late?

If any of the above describes your relationship, I can help. Using the highly successful method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), we will work together to provide new patterns, new solutions and a renewed confidence that your relationship can succeed.

I like to think of myself as a Relationship Consultant. I foster collaborative relationships to help my clients re-build and strengthen their bonds. Using EFT, I teach clients to:

  • Communicate effectively through the Language of the Heart.
  • Uncover negative patterns that create roadblocks in a relationship.
  • Create trust, security and begin the process of healing.
  • Recover physical and emotional intimacy
  • Rebuild lost connections that are key to supportive, loving and enduring ties

The most challenging part of my work is reassuring couples, families or individuals that it is normal to experience fearful feelings of reaching out to loved ones. We all have the innate capacity to be emotional, numb, trusting, untrusting, loving, vulnerable, and to have periodic fluctuations of feeling insecure or secure in relationships, depending on the history of relational experiences.