Past Training Sessions


Lisa Ruderman enjoys training therapists EFT around the world. Below are some pictures from various sessions.

CBU Externship: Riverside, CA

The 2016 EFT Externship at CBU Riverside, CA was a huge success. Lisa Ruderman performed her usual magic by shining bright light on the attachment needs and by transporting participants into the world of attachment, love, care, understanding and human connection.

All participants had plenty of theory, exercises, live sessions, role playing and comradery. The CBU was a wonderful place for EFT Externship event and CBU staff went above and beyond by providing excellent facilities, snacks, lunch, 7 breakout rooms, and the state of the art Audio Visual equipment for in-class and remote couple session viewing.

Big EFT hugs go to all of the leaders and the support team members. Each one of them was personally involved in making sure that all participants had a safe, secure and comfortable place to acquire new skills. Unconditional positive regard was the moto of the day!

Lisa Ruderman, MA LMFT
Dr. Josh A. Knabb
Dr. Dirk Davis
Lu Ann Ahrens, MS LMFT

Support Team:
Jack Gershfeld, MA
Marla Holt, MA LMFT
Kris Radke, MA, ThM, LPC
Deborah Webster, MDiv, LMFT

Here is the link to the EFT 2015 Externship video:


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